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The Beginners Golf Clinics is designed for new golfers to the game of golf knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a golf club handicap.

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    Class 1

    Before play necessities & putting

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    Class 2

    Review of putting and intro to chipping for correct impact

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    Class 3

    Review chipping and introduction to pitching (short irons)

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    Class 4

    Review pitching. Introduction to 3/4 to full swing (drills on how to practice short to mid irons)

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    Class 5

    Bunker play for correct arm and body function

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    Class 6

    Putting & chipping in more detail

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    Class 7

    Full swing mid irons

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    Class 8

    Full swing continued, long irons and woods

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    Class 9&10

    2 hours on course practical application for handicap card test


 This module fee is 500 Euro

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