10th,March 2017

Junior Golf Program 2017

Golf is hard! and most kids these days can master a video game in a couple of hours and when they get bored with that there are plenty more to download and stimulate them. As a consequence we are fighting an up hill battle at the grass roots level. The 3 best ways to engage kids are
1 make it a fun game from the get go
2 encourage them in groups and bring a friend
3 make it as easy as possible with achievable improvement levels that they can aspire to and not be discouraged.

What size golf clubs a child should use??
There are some really good kids clubs on the market these days. Avoid cut down adult clubs. The weight is the most important. If it feels like a sledge hammer to them they won't be able to develop a balanced swing.
At what age should I introduce him to golf?
Let your kids develop the ABC's of movement, crawling, running, skipping, hopping, jumping and falling over etc Add catching, hitting and throwing and it will never be to late for golf. For example KJ Choi, Greg Norman and Stuart Appleby all took up golf at 16 with a background of multiple sports behind them.The characteristics that I have noticed among junior golfers who make it to the PGA versus those who don’t is that Junior golfers all without exception relish the opportunity to test themselves and compete from an early age. They see a competitive failure as an opportunity to learn and do better next time. They never shy away from a challenge even if their swing or game is not ready.
Junior Golf Program Diplomatic Golf Club,Bucharest.
Teaching Professionals from Demis Papillon Golf Academy have combined to promote the game of golf to children from Romania, Bulgaria and eastern countries by offering a structured Junior Program. The Junior Development Program is designed to give juniors the necessary knowledge and experience to become accomplished golfers. 
As well as developing their golfing skills, they will learn the correct etiquette required, good sportsmanship and the social skills that the game of golf teaches. Just as important is the emphasis we place on safety and making golf fun to learn.

The Junior Golf Program is widely regarded in Australia as the most comprehensive program offered to children. This program is recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework level IV.                                                        

The program consists of five tiers:

Tier One: Entry Level 1
This provides a perfect introduction to golf for children from the age of 6 years to 17 years. Content includes:
- Grip, stance & posture
- Swing fundamentals
- Iron play and wood play
- Putting, chipping, pitching and sand shots
- Golf Clubs and their various uses
- Golf etiquette
- Skills tests, games & giveaways

Classes are conducted on  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, Friday & Saturday afternoons, throughout the school term & school holiday .
Term 1 - 2017
Date Time Program Price
Monday                        4.00 - 5pm     Entry Level 1 cost 600 RON 10 LESSONS
Tuesday/Wednesday 5.00 - 6pm   
Thursday/Friday         2.15 - 3.15pm    
Saturday/Sunday        3.30 - 4.30pm                  

Term 1-2017 is 600 RON FOR 10 LESSONS.