Club making& fitting

The Complete Clubmakers Training School

The Industry Standard 599.00 Euro

The original "hands-on" clubmaking school offers students the most intensive instruction in the golf industry in quality clubmaking and golf repair. Students are instructed in all aspects of clubmaking and see every possible repair and clubmaking function demonstrated by an experienced clubmaker. A substantial amount of technical information about shaft technology is also an integral part of the course.

Golf professionals seeking increased business(both the PGA and LPGA of Australia have approved the Training School for credit toward their members recertification requirements).Entire 4 Days learning repair and clubmaking.

-Complete Club Assembly
-Grip Installation
-Reshafting Woods&Irons
-Metal & Graphite Wood Repairs
-Custom Wood Assembly
-Marketing Programme
-Technical Instruction
-Custom Iron Assembly
-Loft and Lie Adjusting
-Equipment Evaluation
-Range Session

The Advanced Clubfitting School

The Golf Industry's Leading Forum  299.00Euro

The first step toward becoming a successful clubmaker is to master the hand skills of clubmaking and golf club repair.However,the ingredient of quality clubmaking which can ensure excellence and success in the field is to learn to become an accomplished clubfitter.With the explosion of new clubhead designs and high-technology golf shafts,plus the ever expanding supply of technical information it has become increasingly difficult to know what is and what is not important when it comes to matching a golfer with the right combination of equipment.

-Effects Of Club Specification
-Priority in Clubfitting
-Measurement of Golf Club Specifications
-Understanding Shaft Technology
-Frequency & Frequency Testing
-Evaluation in Custom Fitting
-Dynamic Clubfitting
-Fitting Loft and Lie
-Custom Fitting the Grip
-Coefficient of Restitution
-Shaft PUREing
-New Technology
-Dynamic Club Testing

Master The Craftsman Training School

The Art of Clubmaking Refined  349.00 Euro

ONLY for Advanced clubmakers and PGA Professionals who feel they have mastered every form of clubmaking can  now step up to the next challenge of golf club craftsmanship WITH DEMIS PAPILLON on ONE TO ONE

This Module is the Intellectual Property of Demis Papillon Golf Academy (The qualification is recognized within the Australian Qualifications Framework;Certificate level IV)