12th October,2014

Winning the Club Championship Match Play

~~Weekend tips for my members golf club championship in 2014. Head to head. Mano a mano. You are against him. However you put it, middle of October is traditionally the month for match-play club championship Final tournament. Many club championships are contested at match play, so at Lighthouse Golf Club we have the same tradition, it will be blood on the golf course on the 17th-18th-and 19th of October.
In match play you have to attack every pin, and when you get a lead, keep your foot on the accelerator, after every shot, the clock is ticking, and it's a lot easier to win holes early than late. Don't give anything away from the start. That's how you become a player who's tough to beat. Get out Fast.

I used to tell stories when I used to play in a match play. I would say to my playing partner, 'Go rack your cue, Mate.' Meaning pick up your ball because I'm going to make my putt. Of course, I didn't say that, but the mind-set is a healthy one for match play. If I had an eight-footer and my partner had a 12-footer on a different line, I might want to just hit mine in. Point is, don't rely on your partner, and rely on yourself. You're playing your own ball, so think about what you can do. Forget your partner.

On a crucial hole, driving the ball in the fairway can be the difference between free drinks and picking up the check. What I tell my students is, make a practice swing and feel what's happening to your body. Feel what it's like to stay in balance. If you can maintain your balance, the club will tend to meet the ball in the center of the face. Staying in balance also will improve your rhythm, which always helps prevent wild tee shots. Have a safety drive.

If you're down, your goal is to win that hole. Get one hole, then the next. Play one hole at a time.
It's natural to be more cautious with the lead and force your opponent to take risks, however being conservative should apply only to the target and club selection. Once it's time to hit, make an aggressive swing. When players get a lead, they tend to guide shots or focus on just avoiding disasters. They start thinking about the next thing, like the next match. You have to keep playing. Play big? Don’t cruise or go to sleep if you are up a couple holes.

Good luck with your game this weekend. I hope you win your matches, unless you're playing against me for 50 leva!