November 29th,2013

The Great Adam Scott, Australian Open 2013, Royal Sydney Golf Course

~~There are plenty of interesting stories that I could write for my blog, however today started the Australian Open at Royal Sydney. Kim Felton (WA) has been disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard. Rory McIlroy takes a clinic with Bree Laughlin and the MYGolf kids Clinic.Ryan Yip,David McKenzie, Aaron Baddeley,could claim an important win the “Australian Open” like victory, as could Rory Mcllroy.And,of course, Robert Allenby could come back from 10 behind to win the tournament, a la Nick Faldo at the 1996 Masters.

But perhaps the most intriguing victory of all would be if the 1st round leader wins: Adam Scott which shot a -10 under 62 on Thursday. The 32-year-old, who is coached by Butch Harmon, would lay his claim to be being the best golfer younger than Tiger. Better than Sergio. Better than Charles Howell. Better than Aaron Baddeley. Better than Matt Kuchar, Justin Rose — you name them. What is scary about Adam Scott is how solid his swing looks. Butch Harmon says it’s better than Tiger’s, and so does Johnny Miller. The guy has hit the most greens in regulation this week, and doesn’t seem to hit that errant shot that Tiger seems to hit once or twice a round these days.
So take your pick. There are plenty of good stories to write at the Australian Open.
Australia has yearned for a genuine successor to Greg Norman for two decades now and now we have one in the form Adam Scott who, this year, did what “The Shark” couldn’t, and that was win “The Masters” at Augusta National.He is been  wearing the “Green Jacket” every day since he has been back in Australia. Australians love Adam Scott and he is always ready for a photo with his fans.
Yes, Greg Norman and Adam Scott  are dissimilar in so many ways. Norman was a charismatic, a man for the masses, and he excited them to a chorus of full voices with to brings roars that penetrated every corner of a golf course.

Adam Scott is a player more for the purists however  that will surely change as time – and continuing deeds of excellence – goes by.
It was 6.05am and Adam Scott had to tee at 7.05 am and the only other folk around the golf club were tournament staff and fellow players and caddies and old-timers in the golfing industry who regard the early hours of the morning as the best time of day.
Alex Mercer, NSW’s legendary coach, was there and he warmly shook hands with the Masters Champion, telling him just how excited and proud he was of Adam Scott’s Augusta triumph. They go back a couple of decades to the junior days when Adam Scott played for Queensland and Mercer coach the NSW team.
 When you look at Scott’s card today some time down the track it will appear he had 10 birdies straight from the sixth through the 15th as there will be no asterisk: He hit first round off the 10th tee.
Yes, some day Adam Scott said;” I’m going to be able to embellish that I made 10 birdies in a row, but it will be a few years before I can get away with it, with a broad smile accompanied by laughter.
Jason Day after the game with Adam Scott on Thursday, said: “You’re watching the show, really. That’s how the best players in the world play and I got to witness it today and it was very special. That’s something that I’m going to remember for a long time. I look forward to playing with him tomorrow and hopefully catching him.”
Scott leads the Open by three shots after the first round. His nearest challenger is unheralded Canadian professional Ryan Yip, whose 65 equalled the old course record and would have made headlines on another day. Yip is based in the US, and has played several seasons on the tour. More recently he is playing the OneAsia Tour, and he took a liking to Royal Sydney
McIlroy shot three-under par, finishing with a nice birdie, and he has an early tee-off tomorrow, potentially a big advantage. Fifty kilometre an hour winds are tipped to blow across Royal Sydney in the afternoon, when Scott is playing. But right now, he is a hurricane himself.
Australia is pretty much starved of sporting heroes on the world stage right now – I’m dismissing that quite unusual Anthony Mundine winning a world boxing title last night and four Ashes Tests remain with the english – but Scott is a beacon.
May it continue for a decade and then some more. He is without doubt the new figurehead of Australian golf, and also one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet among the sporting world.