9th May,2014

Taylor Made R1 Driver Review…..

~~Let’s give it a hit and see what the fuss is all about. This is the white headed driver with the triangular painting on the top. Thanks to a member of mine from the golf club Calin Stoia, I have one in my hands. With 70 grams Stiff shaft and of course the more popular 60 Grams shaft compliments of my member Gelu Matei, who will never see the shaft back(One Cuban Cigar from Fidel Castro will settle the shaft issue with Gelu). Now here is the Driver R1 which we have adjustability, adjustability, adjustability. So with this Driver we have LOFT from 8 degrees to 12 degrees with every loft that you can dream about, so the golf club comes with no loft, you can adjust to any loft that you desire, you also have open and closed settings at the back, I think is 4 degrees to open or close the face of the golf club trying to help you shape the shots better keeping your own swing. I still believe lessons are required to help you on the right track with your swing. Also we have the weights at the heel and toe of the golf club which we can adjust. I have set Calin’s Driver R1 on neutral with 9.5 degrees. However 80% of golf players play with the wrong loft on their drivers. So Taylor Made has found the solution for the 80% of players, they can now change the driver loft to their requirements. How can people know what loft is right for them??? So get custom fit to make sure you play with the right loft. This is an expensive golf club. Looking down on the driver, putting the driver down behind the ball the club looks pretty damn funky and with the triangular on the top is very jazzy, it is a good looking golf club. I like the look of it, is got the white top and the black face which always looks funky. And now let me set up over the ball and give it a hit. As I said I set up the driver in neutral with 9.5 degrees loft with the standard 60 grams shaft from Gelu Matei.Does look very nice. So Bang…. I hit it; is quite loud the impact is what I expected, solid of the face, nice ball flight. In relation to the ball flight I know that I can play with any loft to get any ball flight that I want. This is almost every golf club that is ever been made in ONE. These guys from Taylor Made make good drivers. You can make any kind of changes that you want with the “dial” from the bottom of the club. How this “dial” from the bottom of the club is going to last overtime? I know that they were a few issues with R11 where the bottom plate was coming off when players wacked the ground with it. I will see how this “dial” from the bottom of the golf club will last with time. I give it one more hit “wow….. very loud” I see this driver being a huge success for Taylor Made. The driver is good looking, I like the R1, its nice shape, (Taylor Made has some funny shapes Drivers sometimes).This driver has many good points. All the adjustability is fine to play around with it. It’s cleaver the way you can adjust this Driver R1. Is a CLASSIC Driver. If you read this Calin Stoia it will be very hard for you to take the driver back from me; how much did you say f!@# en that you wanted for this Driver R1??? Option 1; I will always be ready to play you Calin for the driver, Option 2; you will never see the R1 again. So don’t call me, I will call you