7th August,2015


~~Sofia the city is full of delightful surprises, from the yellow brick roads in its historic center to the partially exposed, 1,800-year-old Roman city that lies beneath. But the city's most striking architectural landmark is the magnificent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Like many of Sofia's most significant structures, the cathedral, completed in 1912, is young by European standards. Despite its centuries-old roots, Sofia didn't become a capital until 1879; a year after the Russians liberated the country from 500 years of Ottoman rule. Wow Sofia has inspired me to write and the scariest moment is always just before I start.GOLF…..
 I haven’t lost my gift for communicating ideas about the golf swing with clear and precise language or asking probing questions.
It's my life. And it doesn't take effort on my part as a teacher to teach. I have my speech, I have my eyes and that's all I need to teach.
The thing that bothers me, of course, is that I can't demonstrate like I used to, because I can't hit the shots I used to hit.I am at St.Sofia trying to move the ball around and doesn’t happen. But what else can I do? I guess practice more as I used to do when I played on the professional tour. I will play more professional tournaments in the next few years.
I can talk about the swing for hours. And if you're lucky enough to spend any time with me, you'll be wiser for it. I will teach  my son the basic tenets of the swing that will became the foundation on which young Nicholas will built his professional playing career, he doesn’t even know about it yet.
I was a fine player, too, competing regularly on the fall/winter portion of the Asian, Californian Tour schedule in the 1980s and early '90s and winning a few tournaments. I played with Jim Furyk, Chris Di Marco; I knew Jason Day as a junior and played with him, Australian shot-making legend Wayne Grady, runner-up in the 1989 British Open and winner of PGA Championship in 1990 when he beat Fred Couples by 3 shots. But it was the teaching that I was enjoying.
Though I can talk in great detail about the geometry and physics of the swing, my philosophy is based on the simple concept of swinging the club toward the target. Teachers and players today get too caught up in mechanics and body movements. You don't think about your elbow when you're brushing your teeth, and yet, you're very successful at brushing your teeth. But this is what happens with golf. People are not concerned enough with what they have to do with the golf club. They focus either on the body or the ball, and neither one of those things produces consistency.
My philosophy is based on the knowledge of what to do with the tool (golf club) that is used to propel the golf ball.
I could fix Tiger Woods' swing problems in 15 minutes, if Woods was willing to listen with an open mind.
Tiger had a marvelous swing when I was watching him in San Diego hitting golf balls in the mid ‘90’s he was 21, but then he wanted to go to a higher level, so instead of using his swing better — which is what I would have told him to do — he changed his swing. He went to Butch (Harmon), then he went to (Hank) Haney, then he went to (Sean) Foley.
If you keep changing things, you can't perfect anything. He just had to keep doing what he was doing, and do it better. He would still be the same Tiger Woods now that he was then. He would not have lost his game.
I will also write an instructional book, understanding the Golf Swing, in English and Romanian which will be published in 2016-17 after I spent a decade working on it.
The unfortunate thing about me is that I didn't have the good fortune that people like Harmon, Leadbetter and Foley did. For example Foley; why does he get rated so high? Because he taught Tiger Woods. I call it fame by association.
I personally think that my teacher Gary Edwin might be the most knowledgeable person about golf in the world. I have access to all his knowledge  which ultimately is self knowledge. I could have been part of Harmon, Leadbetter or Foley golf academies. But I prefer to work with Gary. He makes the game simple enough for a child to understand.
Many of today's top teachers have been influenced to some degree by Gary philosophies. Before David Ledbetter became a household name, he sat in Gary Edwin PGA seminars as a young teacher living out of his car.
If people want help, I am very willing to help.