2nd November,2014

Golf is an easy game... it's just hard to play


~~Let’s analyze the worst swings to win a major. I didn’t pull any punches in my analysis either.So let’s start, the first player to make my list is Lee Trevino.
Trevino was known for using an open stance, which always looked funky enough for a second glance. If that was the worst thing he did, then he did just fine, winning the US Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship two times each. Multiple boycotts of the Masters tournament, however, kept him from contending for a green jacket.
Lee Trevino he was golf professional that when he swung the golf club looked like he would fall chasing the ball down the fairway. If that guaranteed six major victories, many would try it, regardless of looks. I meet with Mr.Trevino at Remuera Golf Club in Auckland late 80’s, he is a very funny man and in actual fact making fun of his own swing. Second player in the funky golf swing category to make my list is Corey Pavin.

Corey the 2010 Ryder Cup captain made the list via just one major victory, in 1995 at the U.S. Open held at Shinnecock Hills (I still remember his second shot on the 72nd hole a 4 wood that he hit on the 18th green to 5 feet) where he outdueled Greg Norman in a battle towards par. His swing doesn’t deserve to be higher on my list, but it is unorthodox enough to be included.Corey Pavin’s swing is way inside and then he comes over the top to make a big loop which gives him a cut shot.It’s incredible to think Corey beat Greg Norman in his prime while giving up so much to him in respect to ball striking and distance. That wasn’t important for Pavin, though. He was one hell of a putter, and that’s the one club that can win a major!
Allen Doyle comes in the third position with a funky golf swing. Unusual for a future leading professional and despite winning numerous amateur titles, he did not turn professional until he was 46 years of age.
Doyle never won a major tournament on the PGA Tour; in fact he never even made the cut. Looking at his swing, it’s not all that surprising. However, he did plenty of damage on the Champions Tour. His truncated swing was a bit hockey-like, but it was good enough to win him four majors between 1999 and 2006. Doyle preached that less is more in terms of swing speed, always telling himself to swing slower in order to stay safe. What I can say about his swing is that, you can’t really call this a swing. It’s more like a ‘slap-chip duck hook’ shot.
Now here comes the “King”Arnold Palmer
The King was a seven-time major winner and might have a popular drink named after him, but for many golf teachers, Palmer’s swing was memorable for the wrong ways.
There was enough good in his swing to help win those seven majors, but his follow through. He was obviously a great champion and great for the game of golf, but his ‘wild’ swing never looked in control.Sorry Mr. Palmer.
Bubba Watson has to be on my list.
Bubba is one of just two current Tour players to crack my list of worst swings, but he’s the only one to win a major in the past decade. His swing — along with his pink driver — might be “Bubba long,” but at certain golf courses, that defining characteristic isn’t beneficial.
Augusta National, however, seems to be the perfect fit for Bubba. He might over-swing and seem a bit off-balance at his finish, but pending any major mishaps, he’ll likely enter the 2015 Masters as one of the favorites.
John Daly my main man.
Daly is one of only two golfers to crack both my “best drivers of all time” list and now "the worst golf swing" to Win a Major tournament. While he may have been able to hit the ball a country mile, it was by no means pretty when he did it.
Fairways are pretty, though, and he found plenty of fairways on his way to winning an Open Championship and a PGA Championship in the 1990s.I personally would have to go to the chiropractor if I took the golf club that far back and swung that hard!
Jim Furyk

What can I say about the man??? I played with Jason Gore behind Jim Furyk once, all of us trying to play for the 4 spots available in the Nissan Open at Valencia Ca. We both never saw him on the fairways however when we finished play and look at the score board he shot 65, say no more, we go home and he goes to the Open.
Jim and I used to play together on the Golden State Tour California in early ‘90s. Clearly his swing has built a reputation for himself. It has also built up a bank account for him, who has made nearly $60 million in his playing career. Maybe the best graduate player from our tour after Fred Couples. The 16-time winner on the US Tour qualified for my list with his 2003 U.S. Open victory at Olympia Fields. His one-of-a-kind swing kept him three shots clear of the field that week, with only Australian Stephen Leaney finishing within six shots of the lead. This is no contest, for the worst swing to win a major. Really!!! He looks bad, but he plays so good! I know how many hours of playing and practicing he did on our tour in his early career days to hit the ball as solid as he does.So Jimmy gets my Number ONE spot.
As the blog writer critic for the worst swings to win a Major, whatever my pretentions’ are, I do not labor in the same vineyards as those I criticized today; my grapes are all sour. I am just a “humble teacher” of golf in Balchik.