7th January,2016


~~Always Remember to take your Vitamins: Vitamin B for Belief and Vitamin D for Discipline. Discipline is a way of expression; let’s say you want to express your feelings in a stone. Stone doesn’t give way very easily is tough stuff so you have to learn the skill and discipline of a sculptor.  In everything you want to do you require a skill and it’s very important to people to understand there is no possibility in life to have any pleasure at all without skill. Money doesn’t buy pleasure, ever.If you want to get stone drunk and go out and buy a couple bottles of “Dracaica Rosie” you cannot do that except for people who has practiced the distillers’ art and skill (Crama Oprisor). I had to mention my sponsor in this short story. Where I live in Constanta we have a harbor full of Sailing boats, Motor cruises, Yachts all kind of things that never leave the dock. All it happens to them in spring, summer and autumn is the owners having cocktails parties on Saturday and Sundays because they have discovered after they bought these things that it takes discipline and skill to be able to use them. Sailing is difficult and takes a lot of time to develop the skill and because they didn’t have the time they bought these things for a status symbol. So in other words you cannot have pleasure in life without skill but it is not an unpleasant tusk to learn a skill if the teacher in the first place gets you fascinated with it. There is an immense pleasure in learning how to do anything skillfully; to cook, to sail, and to play golf anything you want can be immensely pleasurable to learn the discipline. Look, you can be a very inspired musician, I am not musical technologist you see and I regretted, I am a golf teacher, but I can hear in my head all kinds of symphonies all kinds of marvelous compositions, however I don’t have the technique to write them all down on paper and show them to someone else, too bad, maybe “next time around”. You see so far as golf swing is concerned I can express ideas because I have studied golf and I worked very hard and I enjoy it, I have the skill to make someone to hit a golf ball although it is difficult but is fascinating. So what you have to do in Golf is to have skill and inspiration but then you have to have technique to be able to express your inspiration. And if the only thing you are for sure is unsure, is good this means you are growing.