October 7th, 2013

Are you a paranoid golfer?


How about you become an „Inverse Paranoid” Golfer!

“To play well you must feel tranquil and at peace. I have never been troubled by nerves in golf because I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.” – Harry Vardon (6 Time Open Champion)

As a teacher, golf player and citizen of planet Earth I have adopted the belief that this is a friendly universe and that everyone and everything is trying to help me to succeed. Unfortunately, too many people think just the opposite; they are paranoid and think everyone is out to do them harm. If you understand the power of intention, you’ll clearly see how I am expecting good things to happen to me, and they usually do. Where if you expect bad things to happen to you, you’ll rarely be disappointed, bad things will follow you – so to speak. This reminds me of the importance of a proper perspective if you want to play golf confidently. A paranoid golfer is someone who believes that something bad is going to happen to them. Their perspective is significantly influenced by past negative events that make them feel like they have everything to lose and nothing to gain during a round of golf. Paranoid golfer’s associate negative events to different parts of their game and practice the association over , making the connection even stronger. After a while they simply feel like the game of golf is conspiring to lead them into trouble, a form of paranoia.

Many professionals’ golfers have a mindset like that of an “inverse paranoid”. An “inverse paranoid” would be someone who actually believes that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain when they play golf. They are completely at ease because they believe that they have absolutely nothing to fear, and that it’s more than likely that they will have an exceptionally successful round of golf.

What kind of golfer are you?…Do you believe that your game of golf is for you or against you? It’s an interesting and unusual perspective, and useful if you wish to develop a belief that your game of golf is there to help you have an excellent day on the golf course.

Some final wise words from Vardon which I used personally in my life and my golf;

“He who is the most composed when in difficulties and when the game is going against him, and who treats each fresh trouble as it comes along as part of the ordinary day’s work and to overcome it  in the best manner possible, is the player who will most frequently come out the conqueror.”