26th February,2016

A Letter to My Students,

~~Winter’s dark light gives one time to reflect. Golf is a great game and a golf course is very much like a walk through a park, the blend of green grasses, water, white sand bunkers, flowers and trees that change colors throughout the season. Golf has lot going for it.
My only focus and passion was always to mentor golf course owners to achieve the financial potential of their facility. I have always brought an independent perspective based on detailed research and experience. I sincerely believe that I have seen more golf courses than many people who play the game today, perhaps over 1500.For so many years I had a green-collar job which is a mix of a blue-collar job and the yellow sweat stains mixing in from playing the game of golf. Based on this experience, I have created a golf management system that streamlines the operation of a golf course. I am looking of applying a new concept of 12 holes golf tournaments at “Clubul Diplomatic Bucharest” with new rules, handicapping systems, time of play etc etc a very good system to play golf in our fast-paced world that we live in today.
I still have so much to do for golf in Romania and so little time. I have talked to the Board of Directors from PGA of Europe and told them that I want Romania to become and be accepted as full PGAs of Europe Country member. I thank the Director of Country Membership from the Professional Golfers Association’s of Europe, which has the responsibility of over 21,000 golf professionals in 36 member countries worldwide for helping me to achieve this. Is a move forward for our children in the future and education as golf is becoming an Olympic sport. I have talked to Ryder Cup board members to finance us in golf and as I found out recently they gave money to Golf in France. Romania has to access this money as well. I have talked to Frank O’Dowd the President of Intergolf International the company who build Thracian Cliffs to help me build/invest in an Academy Golf Performance Center in Bucharest and his answer was “Yes Demi I will help you”. All these people mentioned above will help and support the Romanian Golf, but we must start the work here in Romania and with less bla,bla,bla and more ACTION. The Ambassador of United States in Bucharest, Intergolf International President Frank O’Dowd, The Ministry of Foreign Affair and Papillon Golf Academy, we will have a meeting in the next couple months to discuss ALL opportunities in bringing this dream, "my dream” to became a reality in Bucharest. I want to build one of the best Golf Performance and Fitting Centers in Eastern Europe for our Foreign Ambassadors and people of Bucharest to be proud of it. In the meantime my Golf Academy has signed the contract with the Diplomatic Club and Papillon Golf Academy will be based in Bucharest from 15th of March.Intelligence is knowing when you are being patient, and when you are wasting time by waiting. My friend, patience is a virtue.