1st February,2016

6 Holes Golf Course 2020

~~Golf needs to get its ‘head out of the sand’ and start offering much quicker rounds.
As the founder of Papillon Golf Academy, I can say confidently that just because four-to-six hour rounds of golf have been successful for the last 75 years, this does not mean this is the appropriate model of the game for the future.
The people who enjoy and play the game now in the Big Cities are looking for ways to reduce their time exposure. But perhaps more importantly, I found in my teachings that a large group of people will not even try the game because we do not have a ‘one hour’ game, or something they can do without a full or half day commitment. Here comes the reasons as family, kids and work are very important.
The key to survival is change, and for people to get their head out of the sand and realise just because something was done a certain way for 75 years, it does not mean it will be successful going forward. For the last fifteen years I have been telling owners of the golf clubs and top management to shorten the golf courses and that young people do not think golf is cool and do not think the rules make sense, do not think the dress codes make sense and are not going to take six hours somewhere away from mobile phones or text and email devices. We have to make the golf course a friendly place for people in all ways.
The golf industry needs to look to other sports that have successfully reduced the time commitment necessary for participants. Cricket has tried something new on the time element 20/20 and I think golf has to find various different ‘games’ that can be done in an hour or 90 minutes that keep people in the sport.
My golf academy will work in the next decade to build a nine-hole golf course for tournaments of 12 holes with a 3 holes loop. I love the idea of building an academy six holes golf course, played twice in a 12-hole golf tournaments, in Melbourne. Obviously, not saying this for the core and serious golfer who wants the traditional experience, but I am saying we have to think differently and realise the game is competing against all uses of time. Two people can go to a tennis court and in 30 to 60 minutes have a very good workout and some sort of game. We need something similar in golf.
The USGA has announced it will bring in measures to reduce slow play and the CEO of R&A, has said that 18 holes of golf deters some people from playing at a time when many golf clubs need as many golfing customers as they can get. So sometimes Right is Right even if no one is doing it.